Our Special Projects

First Families of South Carolina 1670-1700 continues to focus on the mission of perpetuate the memory of the families that worked to create a permanent settlement in South Carolina through the acquisition, preservation and restoration of historical records, documents, objects and edifices related to the Early Colonial Period of South Carolina; by the erection of monuments;  awarding of scholarships; and by the encouragement of historical research and publication of the results.

  1. Gov. Joseph Blake
    Plainsfield Plantation, Stono River, Charleston County Marked 2011
  2. Sir Nathaniel Johnson
    St. Thomas and St. Denis, Cainhoy, South Carolina Marked 2011
  3. Affra Harleston Coming
    Glebe St. at Grace Episcopal Church, Charleston, S. C. Marked 1988
  4. Sir Nathaniel Johnson
    Charleston Waterfront Park Marked 1985
  5. Yemassee Indian War
    Gen. James Moore, Jr. and Brave Men who helped dissuade the Cherokees in the Yemassee Indian War Oconee Toxaway Park Marked 1982
  6. Dr. Henry Woodward
    Magnolia Gardens, Charleston, South Carolina Marked 1980
  7. Settlers First Landing
    Bull’s Island, South Carolina Marked 1979
First Families of South Carolina 1670-17000 promotes the study of history with the students of today.  Since 1988, two scholarships are awarded annually to students who are studying history at the College of Charleston.


First Families of South Carolina 1670-1700 events throughout the year.  Contact us for more information.

General Assembly - April 20, 2019
Carolina Day - June 28, 2019