1670-1700 Ancestor List
The names listed below are ancestors that have met the approval process; and have been sited and researched by members of First Families of South Carolina 1670-1700.  Membership is open to descendents of a man or woman who of their own will and volition arrived in South Carolina 1670-1700 with unfailing belief in the New World left his or her native land to aid in securing for mankind all the blessings of liberty. 
Adams, Avis
Alston, John
Ashby, John
Ashe, John

Bacot, Pierre
Bailey, Joseph (Capt.)
Ball, Elias
Ball, William, Sr.
Barnett, Lydia
Beadon, George
Bee, Thomas
Bellamy, John
Bellinger, Edmund (L)
Bellinger, Lucia
Berringer, Margaret Foster
Blake, Joseph (Colonel, L&G)
Bochet, Nicholas
Bohun, Edmund
Bonneau, Anthoine
Boone, John (Major)
Bourdeaux, Jacques
Bower, William
Brewton, Elizabeth
Brewton, Miles ()
Britton, Francis
Brownson, John
Bruneau, Henry
Bull, Stephen, Esquire
Bull, William, Sr.
Bullen, Thomas, Sr.
Bullman, Daniel
Butler, Shem
Butler, Thomas
Cantey, George
Cantey, Teige
Carriere, Jean
Capers, Richard
Cater, Thomas
Chaplin, John
Cordes, Anthony (Dr.)
Colleton, Charles
Cothonneau, Jeremie
Cotton, Rev. John
Couillandeau, Pierre
Couillandeau, Suzanne
Croskey, Joseph
Crosse, Mary Fisher Bayly

Daniell, Martha Wainwright
Daniell, Robert (L&G)
Davis, Samuel
Drayton, Thomas
DuBose, Isaac
Dukes, William
DuPont, Abraham
DuPre, Josias

Elliott, Thomas
Elliott, William, Sr.
Elmes, Thomas
Erpe, Sarah
Fitch, Jonathan
Ford, Stephen
Fougeraut, Marie
Fuller, William (Capt.)

Gaillard, Joachim
Gendron, Philippe
Gibbes, Robert (G)
Gignilliat, Jean Francois
Girardeau, Jean
Godfrey, John
Godfrey, Richard
Gourdin, Louis
Greatbeach, Ruth
Green, John
Grimball, Paul
Guerard, Jacques
Guerin, Thomas
Guerri, Pierre
Harleston, John
Harrisperger, Jacob
Heyward, Daniel
Horry, Daniel
Horry, Elias
Howe, Millicent
Howes, Job
Huger, Daniel

Jaudon, Daniel
Johnson, Nathaniel, Sir (L&G)
Jones, Thomas
Jouet, Daniel
Juin, George
Juin, Susannah
Juin, Louis

Ladson, Francis
Ladson, John
Ladson, Mary Stanyarne
LaRoche, James
Legarè, Solomon

Manigault, Judith Giton
Marbouff, Joseph
Mathewes, Anthony
Mazyck, Isaac
Meggett, William
Melet, Elizabeth LeClerc #
Mellette, Peter, Sr.
Michau, Abraham
Middleton, Edward
Miles, John
Moore, James (L&G)
Morrill, William
Morton, Joseph (L&G)
Mounier, Pierre
Murrell, Robert

Norton, John
Olivier, Pierre

Pendarvis, Joseph
Peronneau, Henri
Perry, Edward
Poinsett, Pierre
Poitevin, Anthoine
Porcher, Isaac
Pinckney, Thomas
Postell, Jean

Ravenel, René
Raven, John, Sr.
Rembert, Andre
Reynolds, Benjamin
Reynolds, Richard
Reynolds, William
Rhett, William
Robert, Pierre (Rev.)
Ruberry, George
Russell, Mary Sterling Heatley
Samm, Bonnum
Sanders, Lawrence
Schenckingh, Barnard
Seabrook, Robert (Capt.)
Serre, Noah
Simmons, John
Simons, Benjamin
Smith, Thomas (L&G)
Snipes, William
Stanyarne, Mary
Stanyarne, Thomas
Tauvron, Stephen
Varine, Jacques
Vareen, Jeremiah
Villepontoux, Pierre

Waight, Abraham
Walbank, John
Waring, Benjamin
Warnock, Andrew
Waties, William, Sr.
Way, Aaron
Welsby, William, Sr.
Whilden, John
White, John #
White, William
Williamson, John
Woodward, Henry (Dr.)

L- Landgrave
#-Lineage line closed for further evaluation (as of December 2009)